Blurry | Team Plan

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Blurry | Team Plan

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Have you been in a situation where you need to hide sensitive information, draw lines, or highlight text while screen sharing or video recording?

πŸ’― Blurry is the simple solution to blur any sensitive information with a single click. Also helps you draw lines and highlight texts or inputs. Visit: blurdata.net

πŸ”₯ Blurry Blurring and Drawing Hot Features:

  • Chrome Extension (Works on Opera too).

  • Add Or Remove Blur With One Single Click.

  • Blur Part/All Selected Text With One Single Click.

  • Draw Blur Area Anywhere The Page.

  • Save All Blur Areas Even After Reloading The Page.

  • Control Blur Intensity, Hide Tab Title & Favicon, Clear All Blur.

  • Marker Color Picker.

  • Marker Pen.

  • Marker Highlighter.

  • Erase Draws.

  • Thickness Slider.

  • Take a Screenshot.

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