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Have you been in a situation where you need to hide sensitive information, draw lines, or highlight text while screen sharing or video recording?

💯 Blurry is the simple solution to blur any sensitive information with a single click. Also helps you draw lines and highlight texts or inputs. Visit:

🔥 Blurry Hot Features:

  • Chrome Extension (Works on Opera too).

  • Add Or Remove Blur With One Single Click.

  • Blur Part/All Selected Text With One Single Click.

  • Draw Blur Area Anywhere The Page.

  • Save All Blur Areas Even After Reloading The Page.

  • Control Blur Intensity, Hide Tab Title & Favicon, Clear All Blur.

  • Marker Color Picker.

  • Marker Pen.

  • Marker Highlighter.

  • Erase Draws.

  • Thickness Slider.

  • Take a Screenshot.

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Blurry | Basic Plan

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